Choose your own hypothetical* (adventure) day

*None of the options below are from any one day I’ve lived here. They do, however, borrow heavily from my experiences and as such, most things have happened at one point or another.

Notes: The photo above is of a banner used for a bible camp right before I moved into Kruos village. It’s not the sort of image I’d choose to embody my faith life, but it fits with the style of this post.

Due to time and energy constraints, the number of choices are much more limited than they would be in a real “choose your own adventure” book and, unlike one of those books, there are ultimately no unpleasant and untimely endings.

Clicking on the options below will direct you to a new page that continues the story. Clicking on the links within the story will pull up a new window that will play a short video clip.


Suddenly, you wake up and realize you’d been dreaming. You try to recall it so you can write it down but it slips away quickly. You’re pretty sure you remember a hammock, though. It’s morning, as evidenced by the light filtering through the curtains. You check the time and note that it’s 6:25am, minutes before your alarm goes off. You remember that today is…

A. Sunday
B. Monday
C. A weekday
D. Saturday


5 thoughts on “Choose your own hypothetical* (adventure) day

  1. Thank you, Mallory for the wonderful BLOG! Every month my favorite section of the ELCA Global Links are the posts from YAGM. I started reading yours and before I knew it my son was asking me when dinner was? It was a unique way to inform people of the realities of life in Cambodia. Once again Thank you


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